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What You Should Know

We pride ourselves on using the highest standards of construction practices with all of our beautiful custom homes. When we begin to install all of the elegant finishes that give our homes their final character and appearance we are extremely careful to protect all finishes from construction traffic and tools so we keep all material in tact and in excellent condition. Our guarantee and commitment is to provide exceptional service to all of our customers and build their dream home with a spirit of excellence. Call us today and see what we can build for you. How To Start

Our Custom Homes section includes:

1. Design
2. The Building Process
3. Homes in Progress

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Beautiful Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Brushed In Photo Combination.


At Cottages of Old Naples, design is a very important step before the construction process, where future homeowners plan and map the design of their future custom home. Our team will work together from start to finish in open communication and purposeful collaboration to deliver superior results. This is the time period when the future homeowners sit together with architects, engineers and Cottages of Old Naples to hear their presentations and get answers to all of the important questions. This is also the time when great ideas or the best ideas are generated and the direction is set forth for creative solutions to manifest, resulting in costs minimized, schedules streamlined, and inefficiencies realized. At Cottages of Old Naples, we believe all projects start out with great design.

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The building process has five primary phases:

1. Select Cottages of Old Naples
2. Managing our design team for cost effectiveness and smart construction.
3. Getting a good permit package put together to streamline the permitting process.
4. Creating a realistic schedule with constructions milestones.
5. Focusing on completing construction milestones to receive certificate of occupancy in a timely manner.

It is important to note that the five phases of our building process overlap and all of the team members collaborate throughout the entire process to ensure and provide our successful rapid project delivery.

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Cottages of Old Naples builds elegant homes. In this section we highlight the beautiful residential homes in progress. We take great pride in delivering exceptional quality to ensure the highest value through our first class services and technical expertise. All of our projects maintain the highest standards and many times are finished prior to completion dates. Click on the link below and visit our page with homes in progress.

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